About our tour

Our tour is designed to be a relaxing look at the underwater world in the cover of darkness, while floating in the safety of a 12' kayak.  We accept all ages from 3 and up.  Many people don't snorkel, or don't have the stamina to paddle, so we will accommodate all your needs on this adventure.  Join us and experience something new and exciting.

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About our kayaks

Our Kayaks are the only glass bottom kayaks on Kauai. They are 12' long with a 9' glass bottom viewing area.  The glass bottom is enhanced with 2 rows of 4' long LED lights.  These lights make all the difference in the world, illuminating the ocean floor and the water all the way around and under the kayak.

About Kauai

The Hawaiian islands are the most isolated islands in the world.  They are farther away from any one continent, and Kauai is the furthest island north in the Hawaiian Islands.  We are like our own world.  Our seas come alive with marine life each day.  As the sun sets, the ocean goes calm but the night is just beginning under water, and this is when we begin our kayak tour.  Join us and see what's under the sea when the sun goes down.

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A unique tour on Kauai

Moonlight Glass Bottom Kayak Tours is a one-of-a-kind tour on Kauai. Currently, the only way to observe night life under water is by scuba diving or snorkeling, and these options are not available to everyone. By taking a kayak tour in Poipu after sunset, we will show you the amazing life you have yet to see.


Not a night person?

We also offer daytime kayak tours upon request.


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